Lost Fantasy Rescue
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  Search Successes
- adoption application
- references (personal, vet & landlord if applicable)
- home visit/meet & greet
- adoption contract & fee  

Please Note: We do NOT adopt on a first come first serve basis. We adopt to the home that is the best fit for the animal.
Lost Fantasy Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption! 





Guinea Pigs


$225 - all ages
$75 - all ages

$50 -all ages

$50 - all ages

$200 -all ages
  •  spay/neuter   
  • age appropriate vaccinations (DHLPP& Bordetella)
  • rabies vaccination (over 4 months of age)
  • negative heartworm test
  • worming
  • flea/tick treatment
  • microchip
  • additional vetting for seniors may vary


  • spay/neuter
  • age appropriate vaccinations (FVRCP & FeLv)
  • rabies vaccination (over 4 months)
  • worming
  • flea/tick treatment
  • microchip
  • additional vetting for seniors may vary


  • spay/neuter
  • vet exam


  • spay/neuter
  • vet exam
  • spay/neuter
  • vet exam
  • Rabies
  • CDT
  • Erysipeles
  • Microchip

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’d like to come visit and see the animals before I apply to adopt. Is this OK?

A: We are not open to “browsing”, nor are we a pet store. Available animals are in private foster homes and are listed on our website. All adoptions are done via application. Therefore, an applicant must be extended an invitation to come visit.

Q: I can’t find directions to Lost Fantasy Rescue – why?

A: Lost Fantasy Rescue is operated from our home and a handful of other foster homes. Therefore, we are not a business, and are not “open” for “browsing”. We do not want people dropping off animals on our doorstep, nor do we wish to have thieves decide to visit us. For that reason, directions are available only to those who make an appointment with us for a specific reason.

Q: Do I have to fill out an adoption application?

A: Yes, you do. We use the pre adoption form to check references and assess the suitability of the adopted animal to the particular family that is adopting it. We do our best to match our animals with families that are perfect for them as to lessen the chances of that animal being returned to rescue. No pre adoption form = no adoption.

Q: Why to you charge money for the animals you adopt out when you are a non-profit rescue?

A: Simple.  We have to have money to keep the Rescue running.  This is a business, even though we are non-profit, we must cover our operating expenses to be able to stay afloat and help more animals.  We have feed bills, vet bills, farrier bills, vaccinations and worming for EVERY animal.  Even the animals that may not be adoptable.

Q: How do you pay for all the bills on these animals?

A: We use all of the money from adoption fees, use any and all of the few donated funds, the rare grant, and money we have made with our fundraising and the rest comes straight out of our own pockets.

Q: Are the animals listed the only animals that LFSAR has available for adoption?

A: Not always. We get new animals in on a regular basis and we also work with owners who wish to place animals from their homes so our website is not always updated immediately. If you are interested in a particular kind of animal that we do not have listed you are welcome to email us to see if we have that animal. If we do not then we can put you in touch with a rescue group who may have the animal you are looking for.

Q: Do you accept sanctuary/lifetime animals?

A: We will work with owners and take in lifetime animals (space permitting in the rescue program). 

Q: Can I sponsor an animal instead of adopting one?

A: Of course you can! We have some permanent residents that would love to have a sponsor to help with their medical bills each month.